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The 8th Annual May Conference will take

place at Rhodes, College in Memphis, TN.

May 17-18, 2014


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We are pleased to be in the position to provide you with an opportunity to convene, network, and learn innovated techniques to research and provide perpetual care of cemeteries.


As history dictates, many African American cemeteries have never been registered, are rarely documented, infrequently appear on maps, and are almost never shown on historic plats. African American cemeteries, many of which are considered “slave burial grounds” have been used for generations by tradition and are rarely described by deeds or other legal instruments. It is not until the misfortune of development that many in the community realize the cemetery has never been in the possession of the community.


Vital information is being lost because many cemetery caretakers are not well versed in preservation issues, they may burn off areas of the cemetery destroying funeral home markers that contain vital information of the deceased, or they may haul away broken or obliterated stones, leaving graves unmarked and resulting in the loss of valuable historical and genealogical information.



This is why it is so vitally important for PAAC to educate the humanities on the preservation and documentation of African American cemeteries and we are excited that by being here you have answered the call of your church, community, and those ancestors that are “rolling over in their graves” because of the condition of their final resting place.


Let us now rise up and make a difference for the future of our cemeteries. Let us now go forth with a renewed vision, that we won't stop until we have made a significant difference in their preservation.



Tamela Tenpenny-Lewis

PAAC Co-founder, President


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